Lantmännen Cerealia



“By implementing AROLINK® OEE on our package lines, we have gained clarity and insights into our true performance,” Lasse Jensen, Plant Manager at Lantmännen Cerealia, Vejle says.

“AROLINK® OEE is fully integrated on our packaging lines, which means operators can monitor OEE figures on large dashboards. If there’s a stop on the line, AROLINK® will register it, and the operator will choose a stop cause on his tablet. Everything is handled automatically by AROLINK®: registrations, OEE calculations and updates on the large dashboard on the production floor,” Lasse Jensen continues.

Insight into Actual Downtime and Reasons

“We focus on the 2-3 largest pareto chart categories provided by AROLINK®. We use this data to analyse how we can intervene against the reasons of productivity loss. It is a huge improvement compared to previously when we didn’t know this level of details.

The operator can quickly spot if the production line runs irregularly compared to previous productions and make fine adjustments on the packaging equipment. Subsequently, we analyse the numbers across productions and can initiate improvement initiatives increasing both factory quality and efficiency,” Lasse Jensen concludes.


Lantmännen Cerealia develops, produces and markets cereal-based products such as flour, bread mix, grain, muesli and pasta, as well as ready-to-eat food. The products are marketed under strong consumer brands, such as Axa, Amo, Kungsörnen, Regal, Gyllenhammars, Start, Kornkammeret, Nord Mills and HavneMøllerne.

In 2008, the most advanced flour mill in Europe at the time was built at the Danish headquarters in Vejle. It has contributed greatly to making Lantmännen Cerealia the tech company it is today.

Today, Lantmännen Cerealia is the leading supplier of flour, bread mix and breakfast products for the Danish retail and bread industries. About 155 employees in Denmark ensure an annual turnover of 1 billion DKK.


The AROLINK® OEE solution running on multiple production lines at Lantmännen Cerealia’s Danish headquarters in Vejle includes:

  • OEE Data (Availability, Performance and Quality)
  • Real-time Insights on Dashboards
  • Tablet Support
  • Automatic Registrations (PLCs)
  • Data Analysis and Reports


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