For applications in the manufacturing industry, we have developed a number of solutions that can be quickly implemented in any factory. Read below about AROLINK® OEE, AROLINK® DASHBOARDS, and AROLINK® VISION SYSTEM.


All solutions contain the basic functionality of the AROLINK® platform. This means that you can extend the solution to a fully integrated factory system at any time later.

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Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) is a standard KPI for measuring a factory’s performance. OEE is calculated from the Availability, Performance and Quality formulas. An AROLINK® OEE solution calculates and visualises OEE in real time, and it can be customised to your unique requirements at your factory. Using AROLINK®, you can collect data from manual input or integrated process equipment on the production floor.


Build meaningful dashboards that track and visualise your factory’s most important KPIs. An AROLINK® KPI DASHBOARD solution enables you to track KPIs in real time and visualise them in an easy-to-understand and visually convincing format. AROLINK® integrates into enterprise systems and process equipment on the production floor.


Automated visual inspection of food packaging, such as cans, foil or plastic wrapping. The AROLINK® VISION SYSTEM automatically handles configuration and setup of the product. AROLINK® stores errors detected by the vision system and relates them to the current order. Real-time data is used to manage production and historically for analysing how the processes can be optimised.


Make label printing an integral part of your factory’s business processes. The AROLINK® LABELLING solution automatically handles configuration and management of production line printers. AROLINK® includes a third-party Codesoft label designer to manage the data and variables to be printed on the labels.


Our warehouse management solution, AROLINK® WMS, allows you to bind together collected data from processes and shipment in a unique data history. This data history documents storage conditions and positions, as well as associated product information, such as production dates, shelf life, potential customers, reservations, etc. AROLINK® WMS can also be integrated with an automatic system for picking and moving goods for building an automatic solution.


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We have developed a simple calculator, estimating your annual savings when implementing AROLINK®. All you need to do is enter the key figures from your factory.


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