The AROLINK® platform has all the basic features needed to establish the factory’s applications. The platform models the physical factory into the digital factory. The platform connects all resources, instructions, process parameters and product hierarchies to register the product flow from goods receipt to shipment of finished products.


The platform is built to provide a solid foundation for all AROLINK® solutions. The strong foundation consists of 4 functional areas: database, tools, APIs and backup solutions.

AROLINK® Platform


The database handles tables for master data, registrations, data relationships, standard stored procedures, import/export programs, etc. The database contains all data storage tables. More than 600 connected tables ensure structure and great coherence in the data. This creates the basis for building proactive features and valuable data relevant to gaining new knowledge about the factory’s applied methods and processes.


The tools are used for building user interfaces, menus and modules accessible to our customers for making individual adjustments to their user interfaces. The tools can be used to optimise the user interfaces for the specific usage context, so an individual user at the factory only sees what is relevant to his specific task at hand.


APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and configurable interface programs ensure safe and reliable AROLINK® communication to external systems such as ERP systems, SCADA systems, special systems, printers, weighing equipment, scanners, vision equipment, robots, measuring equipment, etc.


Backup solutions and other data protection systems ensure your factory data. Having backup and built-in data protection systems, AROLINK® protects your data from disappearing. If necessary, securing the backup and restoring data is easy for the system administrator, for example in the event of hardware failure. User management features ensure data can only be changed by users with the necessary user rights.


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