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Bringing Youth On Board

MARCH, 2019

Arotek ApS is ramping up on the next generation of systems developers and welcomes Morten Munch Jensen and Kenneth Clemmensen to the team in Q1 2019. Kenneth specialises in web development and Morten joins us with experience in warehouse management software, electrical engineering, and PLC and SCADA communication.

New Technical Team Lead


As the team continues to grow, Arotek ApS strengthens technical management by adding Peter Kvist Trip as Technical Team Lead. Peter brings a wealth of experience from a long career as IT Controller at Tulip Food Company.


The Team is Growing


Arotek ApS welcomes Line Esbjerg Bang to the project management team. Line is a previous Composite Engineer at Siemens Wind Power and holds a Master’s degree in Engineering (Chemistry and Biotechnology). She will be taking on a new role as Project Manager at Arotek ApS.

New External Consultant to Support the AROLINK® Development Team


Arotek ApS welcomes external consultant, Lone Irene Jensen to the team of Systems Developers. Lone joins us with .NET expertise and will be strengthening the development team behind AROLINK®.

AROLINK® in Exciting New Field


1 November, Arotek ApS initiates collaboration with TripleNine to implement AROLINK® at their Thyborøn-based production facilities. AROLINK® factory software will, in addition to optimising production and factory management, contribute to ensuring optimised sustainable use of our oceans in the fish processing industry.

The Future Is Tomorrow


An exciting first step has been completed in collaboration with Philipp Trenel from the Danish Technological Institute, Århus. AROLINK®’s data collection has been used in mixed models with multiple regression analysis for “optimal on time delivery” calculations. We have a long way to go yet, but the possibilities for AROLINK® machine learning is not that far away.

China, Here We Come

AUGUST, 2018

With great pleasure, Arotek ApS has signed a supplier agreement with Director, Solutions & Innovation Henrik Frøsig, DANISH CROWN. AROLINK® will be implemented at DC’s new factory in Pinghu, China.

New Project Manager with Print Communication Experience

AUGUST 15, 2018

Increased interest in AROLINK® drives addition to the project management team. Arotek ApS welcomes Tonny Holst Vernager, previous Global Project Manager at Grundfos. Tonny will bring great value to our projects with his experience in foreign cultures and printer integration.

Growing Emerging Talent at Arotek ApS

AUGUST 1, 2018

To ensure future talent and brain power, Arotek ApS signed with data technician student, Anders Wolsing Kaa as of 1 August 2018. He will be a regular member of the team until July 2022, only interrupted by planned studies at the school.

New Management Team at Arotek ApS

June, 2018

We welcome back Claus Rødsgaard. Claus is former IT Project Manager here at Arotek and returns after working with management outside the company for a few years. He takes on a new leading role as CEO in charge of day-to-day operations, allowing Ove Lundahl, CTO and owner, to focus on R&D and technical leadership.

New Addition to the AROLINK® Development Team

FEBRUARY 14, 2018

We welcome Tomasz Dyśko to the team of Systems Developers. Tomasz joins us from Poland and will be working from the Danish office in Hasselager, strengthening the development team behind AROLINK®.


The Tulip factory in Kolding implements AROLINK®


AROLINK® is implemented on Tulip’s Danish site in Kolding – taken over from Danish Crown in 2017.

Two interns join our development team as part of their education

AUGUST 19, 2017

Arotek employs 2 students from IT College for 6 months to support our development team.

Arotek hires Technical Writer

JULY 25, 2017

Arotek has hired a Technical Writer to disseminate complex and technical information into manuals and other support documents about AROLINK®

Arla Foods AKAFA installs AROLINK® KPI dashboards

MAY 13, 2017

The Arla factory in Svenstrup has installed AROLINK® KPI dashboards to get realtime indsights about their production. These KPI’s are updated in realtime and help operators keep production equipment running as efficiently as possible.

AROLINK® partners up with DMV to develop a standard AROLINK® Vision

MARCH 18, 2017

AROLINK® joins partnership with Dansk Maskin Vision to include a standard vision module in the new AROLINK® Version 5. For further details, please contact us.


Lantmännen Cerealia orders AROLINK® OEE solution

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

Lantmännen Cerealia chooses to install AROLINK® OEE on their packaging lines on the mill in Vejle, Denmark, to obtain a better understanding of the actual performance – in real time – of the lines and in order to have a tool to quickly analyse the root causes for lost efficiency.

C&D Foods orders an extended CIM solution


C&D Foods Denmark is a long-term customer and they decided to upgrade their AROLINK® solution with an extended CIM solution.

Tulip UK orders an EDI solution for receipt of lamb

AUGUST 1, 2016

The delivered EDI solution defines exactly where each piece of data needs be in the XML business document and helps create flexibility in defining and constructing documents for the receipt of lambs.

Tulip Delivers Traceability to NORMA’s Website through AROLINK®

JULY 23, 2016

AROLINK® develops a traceability solution for Tulip which allows the shoppers of Tulip’s customer NORMA to have very detailed information on their purchase. Via a QR code on the packaging customers connect to NORMA’s website and find all relevant information on traceability.

Tulip orders interface to GS1 fTRACE

MAY 18, 2016

Tulip orders an AROLINK® interface to GS1 fTRACE in order to enable consumers to trace products and to improve efficiency of the supply chain.

Tulip factory in Aalborg, DK implements AROLINK®

APRIL 11, 2016

AROLINK® factory system is installed on the Tulip factory in Aalborg, Denmark. The standard modular AROLINK® system is installed by Tulip’s own IT personnel.

Arotek holds presentation on Food Factory of the Future Conference at Campden BRI

FEBRUAR 22, 2016

Arotek had a presentation on the conference with the following bullet points:

  • Data (Big Data) is only valuable in a good context
  • The development in data and the utilization of the information within the data.
  • Development of the factory from being controlled by firefighters to be controlled by controllable systems
  • How to find unknown unknowns and how to benefit from the knowledge
  • Examples of how data can be used.

Arotek holds presentation about Food Safety & Quality (FS&Q) at Campden BRI

FEBRUARY 02, 2016

Arotek presented our vision and proposed solution for the integration of all documents relating to Food Safety and Quality into the factory system. This would mean a fully paper free and ‘self-auditing’ factory.


The strategy for AROLINK® approved

DECEMBER 3, 2015

The Arla factory in Svenstrup has installed AROLINK® dashboards to get real-time insights about the production with KPIs that are updated in real time. Arla Foods AKAFA installs AROLINK® KPI dahsboards for real-time KPI updates

Arotek hires a Business Analyst

NOVEMBER 28, 2015

Arotek has hired a Business Analyst to analyze, transform and turn our customers’ business challenges into requirements for software solutions that resolve those challenges.

Development of AROLINK® version 5.0 started

AUGUST 9, 2015

Development of version 5 of AROLINK® has been started and with a change in technology the software will become more flexible and visual.

Tulip implements AROLINK® on its Svenstrup factory

MAY 7, 2015

AROLINK® factory system is installed on the Tulip factory in Svenstrup, Denmark. The standard modular AROLINK® system is installed by Tulip’s own IT personnel with limited support from Arotek.

Interface to ALDI customer information is delivered to Tulip

FEBRUARY 7, 2017

AROLINK® develops a traceability solution for Tulip which allows the shoppers of Tulip’s customer ALDI to have very detailed information on their purchase. Via a QR code on the packaging customers connect to ALDI’s website and find all relevant information on traceability.


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