To ease the understanding of the many abbreviations and implied factory management concepts, we’ve created an FAQ with answers to the most important questions.


About Management Systems

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MES is short for Manufacturing Execution System, systems that control and execute manufacturing processes.

Investing in a MOM system like AROLINK® means that you will gain insight into your manufacturing processes as we collect data and provide insights based on the collected data that can be used to enhance your factory performance.

MOM is short for Manufacturing Operations Management, a further development of MES. MOM introduces a more holistic approach to production management and execution.

MOM is short for Manufacturing Operations Management, a further development from traditional MES systems. MOM is the future standard for the holistic and digital system solution, which creates optimum visibility throughout the production process.
AROLINK® is a MOM system.

A MOM system provides a strong coherence between the company’s various IT systems and better utilisation of all resources across the entire product flow, such as raw materials, equipment and people. In addition, it provides unmatched traceability as well as the ability to integrate the company’s quality management and food safety systems to achieve a completely paperless factory. It all has a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

MOM software can be integrated into all production companies with high standards for traceability and documentation of production processes. Before you start your MOM implementation, you should identify your company’s requirements and expectations to such a system.


AROLINK® is a MOM system with a holistic approach to production management and execution.

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AROLINK® includes modules for digital handling of all documents and registrations in the production for food safety and quality management. This allows you to work with a 100% paperless and real-time production.

AROLINK® supports interfaces to the well-known ERP systems as well as equipment on the production floor, such as weights, printers, terminals, PLCs, scanners, vision equipment.

  • Group management
  • Factory management
  • Controllers
  • Superusers and regular users
  • Production managers
  • Machine operators

For MOM systems, the ISA-95 is an extremely important standard. The ISA-95 standard provides models, terminology and markup languages for developing integration between business and production systems. The standard addresses 4 layers of integration activities.


About MOM Strategy

A strategy ensures that you have clear goals for improvements, savings, budget and deadlines before you start the project.

Investing in a MOM system is a significant investment both in terms of time and money. Before proceeding with your MOM implementation, you should identify your company’s goals and expectations for such a system.


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