The factory management system AROLINK® was created in 2000 when the founder of Arotek ApS, Ove Lundahl, started building the first AROLINK® factory management system for Tulip Food Company. This was the beginning of a close cooperation with Tulip and implementation of the factory management system at the group’s factories across Europe.


In cooperation with the Tulip group, AROLINK® was soon in use all over Europe and, today, it is in use at multiple factories in Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany and Poland. At Arotek ApS, the company behind the software, continuous internationalisation is included in our strategies for the future with a goal to establish close partnerships in new markets.


As factory management system, AROLINK® helps companies in the food industry, the industry that faces the strongest demands and challenges from authorities, retail chains and consumers. The food industry will continue to be the primary industry for us. However, there’s no doubt that our experience in this tough industry will also help companies in other regulated industries generate huge savings and competitive advantages.


When we say, “Our goal is to improve your factory performance”, this is a promise and we’re ready for you to measure us. The factory management system AROLINK® has been built for it. Our team has been trained for it.

Strategic Factory Optimisation

We can assist in developing the strategy that will serve as a basis for measurable factory optimisation, as a consultant in a strategy planning process or as a facilitator of a MOM Workshop.

Practical Implementation

We implement the factory management system in cooperation with the factory – either by ourselves or through partners in your country. The developed strategy drives the implementation and ensures that, together, we achieve the desired factory optimisation.

Developing Software Solutions

We continue to develop AROLINK®, best-in-class factory management system meeting the goals of the strategy and matching requirements for the food industry and other regulated businesses. The development is user-driven in close cooperation with innovative manufacturing companies.

Solid Support & Service

Using AROLINK®, reliability of your operations is at its best, preventing factory efficiency and profit from suffering because of unnecessary stops. 24/7 support and an AROLINK® service agreement give you peace of mind to focus on factory operations.


Get a short introduction to the AROLINK® software and, not least, an idea of the benefits, savings and competitive advantages the system will give you.



Get insight into the AROLINK® system and get an overview of the possibilities for you. A demo is non-binding and we’re happy to present the system at your facility.


The purpose of our strategy workshop is to set clear improvement goals and develop the framework for your future MOM strategy. We are happy to facilitate the workshop at your facility.


We have developed a simple calculator, estimating your annual savings when implementing AROLINK®. All you need to do is enter the key figures from your factory.


Read the latest AROLINK® news and learn more about new software solutions and add-ons to the factory system, as well as information about new customers, factory installations, and more.


Find the answers to the most important questions about implied factory management concepts and abbreviations. Let’s hear from you if you can’t find what you are looking for.